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CleanPaws - Mess Free Litter Mat

CleanPaws - Mess Free Litter Mat

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Put a stop to the trail of litter in your home

Our innovative honeycomb, double layer litter mat design is the solution you need to contain litter from your cat's paws and prevent it from spreading to other areas in your home. With our mat, you'll enjoy cleaning less while encouraging recycling!


Less mess, less stress

Cover your entire litter box area with our large litter mat. Our mat is designed to trap litter, keeping your floors clean and litter-free. Easily pick up the mat, and the litter will fall through, ready for reuse by simply putting it back into the litter box.

Save up to 35% on Litter 

With our litter mat, you'll not only benefit from a cleaner home, but you'll also save money by recycling any leftover litter that would have otherwise gone to waste. This can result in significant cost savings of up to 35% on litter purchases.


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Veterinarian approved

Made from a lightweight and durable environmentally friendly EVA material. It's soft and comfortable on your kitties paws. Odorless and free trom toxins. It's 100% safe and can be used all year round with confidence!