Pooch Purifier
Pooch Purifier
Pooch Purifier
Pooch Purifier

Pooch Purifier

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  • Eliminate the odor of your dog from your home on auto-pilot
  • No harmful chemicals - the superior solution to nasty air freshners
  • Risk-free trial - 30 day money back guarantee

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The Pooch Purifier is a HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIAL for the puppy parent that wants to keep their home odor-free

Constantly using air fresher to try and mask the odor lingering in the air? Or does your whole place just smell like dogs? Create a clean and hygienic home environment despite the addition of your furry, and sometimes smelly family member. The Air Purifier enhances the atmosphere of any room in the purest way possible.


"My Pooch Purifier allows my puppy to be a puppy, without letting it take over the whole household" - Mary D.

Labelled as "The better solution to air fresheners" having one of these in each room that your dog roams around in will ensure that your cleanliness standards don't drop where they don't need to due to the smells and scents that come with having a pet pup!

Certain pet odours produced by dogs such as ammonia can cause illnesses and irritations if left lingering for too long

It is essential that owners do not become too comfortable with their dogs bad smells and let them dominate the surrounding air for too long. Studies show that the air can be up to to 78% cleaner simply by using our Pooch Purifier and letting it purify the room with clearer, healthier air instead of masking the air with a standard air freshener spray.


Freshening up 15,300+ pet households globally!

95% customers reported that their households were smelling fresher within one use

92% reported better air quality after using the Pooch Purifier regularly

88% purchased another Pooch Purifier


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Customer Reviews

Based on 544 reviews

I was worried about my apartment smelling like my dog, so I saw this product on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I'm really impressed by how effective it is! It operates quietly and completely removes any dog odors from the air in my apartment. I would highly recommend it - it's great to know that something like this exists.

Madison Havey

I’ve gotten two of these so far. The first one worked so well- I was OBSESSED. I live in a small apartment with two dogs and I didn’t realize how bad the air was until I got this and started using it!!!! Great support and the purifier works MAGIC! It’s a must have for small, stuffy spaces or ANYWHERE WITH PETS!!! The air just feels nicer?? I can’t explain it well but it’s AMAZING


I have 3 dogs and a cat and even with daily cleaning and constant washing of all things in the home…I struggled with “dog” smell in the home. So I thought I would try this. It’s been awesome. Zero smells and crisp clean air! I will probably buy a second one for upstairs soon.


I purchased one of these for almost every room in my house and I'm really impressed with how well they work. We have three small dogs, and the units do a great job of keeping the air fresh and odor-free. I need to get a couple more to cover the entire house.

Lauren Mayes

Since using this product, I've noticed an improvement in my allergies. I don't go to bed stuffed up and wake up with a clear nose. I also feel like I fall asleep faster and have more vivid dreams. In addition, I don't have to take as much allergy medicine or use my rescue inhaler as frequently. Overall, I think this unit is worth every penny and wish I had found it sooner.